I got up extra early this morning to head out on a quick mission and FOUND MY FIRST INTERNATIONAL GEOCACHE!

I found the cache about a block away on WhiteCross Street. It took me a bit, but my new GPS unit got me there! I found the little black box stuck to the back of a power box and had to use some stealth (because of all the “muggles” walking around) to make the swap. I picked up a couple trackables to bring back to the USA. I also left a tracking coin that I found in Bismarck and the four cachekins (frogs) that we are going to “race” back to the geological center of North America (Rugby, ND). The four trackable frogs were named as follows: Hoppy Potter (Sydney), Mick Frogger (Sommer), James Pond 007 (mine), and Toady Blair (Brian’s family). We are calling it the Wild Global Hop 1.

We boarded the coaches and headed over to Wesley Chapel. This was named after John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist church. When I said that our choir sounded amazing on the farewell concert last Friday, I had no idea that these churches would amplify that quality by a thousand! Even though It was just a practice session, it was still magical. I am so proud of these kids and the talent and professionalism they are exhibiting.

The band headed over to Victoria Embankment for their concert. It was a tight squeeze getting all of the instruments and band members on the stage but once they started playing the locals flocked in to check them out. They really enjoy the concert!

While the kids were changing in the restroom one of the boys had his passport stolen! What sucks for him is that we leave for Paris tomorrow and you have to have it at customs. He will have wait with a chaperone to get his replacement and then take the Chunnel (at a cost of over $1,000!).

After the concert it was off to Picadilli Circus for dinner. We had some shopping time so we bought some CDs at HMS record store and checked out M&M world. Tracy, one of the guys on the trip knew of and English Pub so we headed over for a traditional meal of fish n chips and bangers and mash (Cumberland sausage. It was one of my favorite moments on the trip so far. Sommer is such a great traveller and has been bitten by the European bug.

We finished the evening with a Ghosts of London walking tour. Learned more about london’d original city and saw the spot where William Wallace ( Braveheart) was hanged, drawn and quartered.

Another whirlwind day in the books. We leave early for Paris tomorrow.

It was great returning to my favorite city in the world. I’ll miss you old friend.