This is a $5 buy-in (although it could cost you $10 overall if you lose to the new Magic 8-Ball Team…see details below!!)

We are using the Yahoo app to manage the brackets and overall results.

Prizes are as follows:

3rd place: Gets their money back ($5)

2nd place: 30% of the remaining money

1st place: 70% of the remaining money

NEW TWIST THIS YEAR!!!  Introducing the Magic 8-Ball Team! 

 I have registered a ghost-ship team called the “Magic 8-Ball” where I will make 100% of the picks using a Magic 8-Ball!!  I will video record the entire bracket pick and upload here after Selection Sunday (to prove legitimacy).

All picks will be made based on the TOP team in the bracket for each game.  I will ask “Will this team win?”.  Using the chart of possible responses below, I will choose that team ONLY for the GREEN responses.  I will choose the bottom team ONLY for the RED responses.  All YELLOW responses will require a re-shake of the 8-ball.

If you TIE or FINISH BELOW the Magic 8-Ball Team, you will owe a ONE-TIME extra fee of $5 to the pot (essentially doubling your entry fee).  This will not only sweeten the pot for the winners, but it will put on a path to persecution and ridicule for not being able to pick better than a damn toy!!  There is even a Twitter account you can follow for smalk talk and updates.  You can find this account at

You can send your questions to or text them to (701) 595-4642.

Good luck and GAME ON!

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