Baby Shonda
Great grandmother MaryAnn Fettig and Shonda – 4 Generation
Great grandmother Fettig (poor video quality)
Dancing – Clifford, Shirley, Emil, Alma, Sylvia, Andy
Wedding – Andy & Sylvia
Washington DC – TB Association convention trip for Jerald
Florida – TB Seminar trip for Jerald
Wedding – Grant & Julie Hoffner
Walking in street – Jody, Rick
Missoula Montana Trip – Dennis & Sandy Sailer
Sommer Farm – Stuck Tractor – Emil, Alma
Sommer Farm – Gathering – Weigum and Sommer
Schroeder Farm – George & Maryann Schroeder’s car
Birthday – Jody (4) Shonda, Jody, Rick, Inez
Backyard camping at Hill Street House
National park and zoo
Snowmobile – Farm